33 Money making Lessons that are better than an MBA Degree

33 Money making Lessons that are better than an MBA Degree

Do you want to make more money? Do you have a business degree? If not, that’s okay! You can still make a lot of money by learning from these 33 lessons. We’ve compiled a list of the most important lessons for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to increase their revenue and make more money. These lessons are based on real-world experience and are often overlooked in an MBA Course, and they’ll help you learn what it takes to be successful in business. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, be sure to read through this list!

  1. People make decisions emotionally, then look for logical reasons to back up their choice.
  2. You can expect to earn an average of $36 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. However, this number may vary depending on how well you execute your email marketing plan.
  3. People are more likely to be interested in what your product can do for them, rather than in the product itself. In other words, focus on the benefits your product can provide, not on what it is. This will make it more appealing to potential buyers.
  4. Tell potential buyers what you’re asking for your product, and then stop talking. Let them think about it.
  5. It is easier to sell an offer that solves a problem than one that fulfills a desire.
  6. No matter what business you are in, it is important to learn about psychology, cognitive bias, and body language.
  7. Offers with a solid guarantee will result in more sales than those without a guarantee.
  8. Memes are a powerful way to market something.
  9. Copywriting is a lot of research and a little writing.
  10. You should offer a service/product that meets demand, not try to create it.
  11. Pictures make testimonials more believable.
  12. You don’t need a very expensive laptop, a very expensive logo, or a very expensive degree to start your own business.
  13. You can become wealthy by becoming more valuable, and then becoming scarcer.
  14. Your offer isn’t “saturated” and the market isn’t “flooded,” it’s just that your ad is boring.
  15. There is no such thing as an exorbitant price; there is only a lack of value.
  16. We respond to what we expect, rather than a general phrase. People are more inclined to believe specific words and figures instead of broad ones.
  17. The most efficient form of marketing is a satisfied consumer. 
  18. Listening is at the heart of sales.
  19. To make your material more engaging, use the words “you” and “your” in your content.
  20. Make use of headlines to capture attention and hooks to keep it.
  21. With good marketing, an average product can sell more than a great product with bad marketing.
  22. When stating your price on a sales call, say “It’s an investment that will only be made once,” instead of “The price is __.”
  23. Charge a price that is higher than what most people are asking for their product. This will make your product more valuable to your clients.
  24. Trying to sell a good product in a bad market is a losing battle.
  25. If people have objections to buying your product, answer them on your landing page. This will help you increase the number of people who convert into customers.
  26. You don’t want your sales pitch to last more than 2 minutes.
  27. Don’t ever do anything that would ruin your good reputation just to make some money.
  28. To begin, accept many possibilities; however, to continue growing, learn how to say no.
  29. People are more likely to want something if they think other people want it too. If something is in short supply, people will want it more. If people feel like they need to hurry and make a decision, they’ll be more likely to choose your thing. And if you can promise that there’s no risk involved in choosing your thing, people will be much more likely to go for it.
  30. If people don’t understand what you are selling, they will not buy it.
  31. Study talented fiction writers so you know how to write engaging stories. 
  32. Your story of how you went from being a complete beginner to an expert is one of your most powerful marketing assets. Zero to Hero.
  33. Give without expecting anything in return and you’ll be rewarded handsomely in the end.

These points provide helpful and actionable advice for anyone looking to make more money in business. MBA programs are expensive and can take years to complete, but these lessons can be learned relatively quickly and will pay off in the long run. Implementing even just a few of these lessons will likely lead to more success than a traditional business degree. These lessons will give you the foundation you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

What other advice would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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