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10 Low Budget Office Party Ideas That Will Get Everyone in the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are a time for celebration and spending time with close ones. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank, we’ve got some great ideas for you! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 low-budget office party ideas that will get everyone in the holiday spirit. From festive decorating to fun games and activities, we have something for everyone! So gather your colleagues and get ready to party on a budget!

Small office party ideas

– Potluck

Are you looking for a low-budget office party idea that’s sure to please everyone? Look no further than the famed potluck. The beauty of potlucks is that everyone brings something different and then can enjoy the collaborative culinary creations of their colleagues.

Plus, compared to other low-budget office parties such as BYOB, the foodie element makes it more interesting. Of course, don’t just stop at basic dishes – since all attendees bring something, be sure to let each person choose something fun and delicious!

If there are dietary restrictions, each participant could make two versions – one with meat and one vegetarian. This way, everyone has an option that works for them – which can only result in a happier guest list. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a low-budget party idea that packs in flavor, you can’t go wrong with a potluck.

– Bring Your Own Drink

We all know organizing a low-budget office party can be a challenge. Of course, you have to account for people’s varying tastes and dietary restrictions, while keeping within the allocated budget.

With that said, instead of struggling to meet everyone’s needs, why not go simpler and suggest BYOD – bring your own drink! Allowing each attendee to provide their own beverage guarantees that each person will have something they like and keeps the tab low.

Plus, it takes some of the pressure off the organizers who no longer have to worry about remembering every different preference.

Best of all, whether they show up with a bottle of wine or sparkling water and juice; everyone is sure to feel satisfied – and amused – with this low-budget office party idea. ​​​​​

– Secret Santa

If you’re looking for a low-budget office party idea, look no further than the classic Secret Santa. This low-cost holiday tradition provides an easy way to get everyone in the festive mood without breaking the bank.

Participants draw a name from a hat and are tasked with secretly purchasing or making gifts for their chosen person. There’s no need to blow your budget on expensive presents – usually, any thoughtful gift is appreciated!

On the day of the revealing, participants end up with something to unwrap and a great opportunity for laughter and conversation.

If you work in an office, why not replace your usual coffee break with some good old-fashioned Secret Santa fun? After all, it’s much better than being stuck talking about the weather one more time!

– Ugly Sweater Contest

Is there a low-budget office party idea that’s sure to be a hit with everyone? Consider the ugly sweater contest – an increasingly popular activity enjoyed by people of all ages. The rules are simple: pick out the worst, most garish piece of knitwear you can find and “win” first place as the ugliest sweater.

Ideally, costumes should be equally hideous so that no one person can really stand out in the crowd. You’d be surprised at how creative people can get with their low-budget donations!

A few prizes for winners can’t hurt either – after all, who wouldn’t want to take home bragging rights for having the ugliest sweater of the season? Whether it’s a cheerful holiday gathering or a low-key office adventure, an “ugly” sweater contest is one low-budget way to have fun celebrating any occasion.

Giving everyone an opportunity to express themselves through this funny yet entertaining activity will help make your party unforgettable. Ready…set…Ugly Sweater Contest!

– Decorate Your Cubicle

On days when the grind at the office is feeling particularly monotonous, there’s no better low-budget office party idea than decorating your cubicle! String some lights for some subtle ambiance, and get some festive balloons and posters to liven up the place.

Even bring in a few items from home that make you feel comfy to further personalize your workspace. You can even take it a step further by having an impromptu costume party or dress-up day – after all, Decorate Your Cubicle is also a fantastic excuse to have a costume collection ready!

With just a few decorations, you’ll start to view your workplace with an extra level of enthusiasm and appreciation. So have fun, decorate away and who knows? Perhaps Decorate Your Cubicle will become an official part of the company culture in no time! 

And heck – you might even get promoted for being so creative too! Now that’s adding value to the organization. Invest some effort into making where you work feel like home and enjoy your newfound motivation when tackling any challenge that lies ahead. Cheers! 

– Office Scavenger Hunt

For low-budget office parties, a scavenger hunt is always a great option! Set a timer and assign teams to search for items around the office, such as a notepad with five different colored pens, an envelope with the company logo, or photos of three colleagues.

Make sure all team members participate in order to keep things fair and amicable. To add a bit of extra fun, you can even create themed tasks or include words that have to be spelled out using office supplies.

The team who comes back with all their items wins—but perfecting your scavenger hunt skills does come in handy outside of work – like at family reunions when grandpa reads off his list of bizarre items needed for his perfect “Whack-a-Mole” set-up.

Whatever the occasion, getting creative with office scavenger hunts is a low-budget way to enjoy some good old-fashioned socializing and bonding!   ​

– Karaoke

Karaoke is thought of by many as low-budget fun for office parties and elementary school sleepovers. You know the drill: an earnest singer sings sung-through renditions of their favorite songs, while a group of supportive friends (or begrudging observers) cheer them on.

But karaoke can be much more than that. In the right environment, it can transform into a unique form of performance art, with singers creating something genuinely new at the moment through their performances.

Of course, if done wrong, it could leave unwanted memories—but at least it’s still low-budget! As far as low-budget office party ideas go, people are likely to either treasure or forget this one. So grab some microphones and see if your team has what it takes to take center stage! 

– Card Games

It’s no secret that card games are a low-budget, low-stress way to spend an evening with friends and family. Whether for a low-cost office party or just a relaxed night in with those closest to you, busting out the old deck of cards is sure to bring some fun into the room.

You can dig out your classic favorites like Go Fish and Crazy Eights, or get creative with lighthearted Japanese-inspired games such as Hanabi and Sushi Go Party! That’s not to say you need to stay low stakes – why not try your hand at bridge or blackjack for a higher speed of play?

Whatever route you choose, one thing’s for certain: you’re guaranteed to immerse yourself in some old-school (or new-school) gaming goodness. Who knows – maybe it won’t be long before someone pulls out the Monopoly money! 

With options ranging from low-stress laugh fests to tense strategic challenges, there’s certainly something for everyone when it comes to card games. Step away from the screens and grab a chair – hey! It’s your deal! 

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with the evergreen classic that never fails to deliver thrills: card games! So choose your poison – Hearts? Texas Hold’em? Uno?? Grab your friends and family close, roll up your sleeves, and prepare yourselves – card games are coming. And they mean business. Have fun!

– Office Olympics

Office Olympics are an excellent low-budget alternative for company parties and team-building events. Individually, each Olympic “challenge” is relatively low cost and can easily tie into team values such as creativity and collaboration.

Events can include desk chair races, stapler throwing competitions, or even a paper airplane launch contest. Of course, every office surroundings will add something different to the games; if you have access to a rooftop terrace you might even be able to set up a mini-putt course!

And don’t worry about security; Office Olympics usually attract smaller crowds than regular company parties and won’t disturb any coworkers who wish to stay home during the excitement.

That being said, make sure everyone remembers what prize awaits them in the end – usually, it’s the coveted bragging rights – until next year’s edition of Office Olympic Games! Now get out there and start training! Your coworkers will thank you for it.

– Happy Hour

Happy Hour is the ultimate low-budget office party idea. It doesn’t require any decorations, no themed activities, or elaborate snacks. All you need for a happy hour is some drinks and conversation. Even better, it’s an easy way to show your employees that you recognize their hard work.

After all, who could pass up on a chance to bond with coworkers over low-priced drinks? While alcohol isn’t mandatory, there’s something about sipping on a cold beer or cosmopolitan that helps the conversations flow more easily.

And if the low prices don’t seal the deal, there’s always something special about getting together after hours when the office has “closed.” So while Happy Hour may be low-budget in terms of supplies needed, it goes above and beyond when it comes to helping everyone have a good time! 

Delightful topics are sure to get discussed during your Happy Hour – just remember not to forget the snacks! Chips, bagels or even venison jerky all help keep people talking and having fun. With Happy Hour, there’ll be nothing but smiles around and lots of laughs to go around! After all, laughter cures everything— including low budgets. Cheers!

Wrapping Up

When you’re planning an office party on a budget, don’t be intimidated – there are plenty of creative and fun solutions to make sure your party is memorable without breaking the bank. Whether it’s playing cards with friends, competing in Office Olympics, or gathering around Happy Hour, these low-budget office party ideas will help you have a great time without spending too much money. So take a deep breath – it’s going to be awesome! Now go ahead and let the good times roll. Enjoy!


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