The Best High Dividend Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio for Maximum Returns

If you’re looking for high-yield stocks that can offer you stability and consistent returns, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the best high dividend stocks to add to your portfolio. These are stocks that offer a high yield and have a history of paying dividends consistently. We’ll also talk about why it’s important to add high-yield stocks to your portfolio, and how they can help you achieve your financial goals.

Many investors are looking for ways to increase their portfolio’s yield in today’s low-interest-rate environment. One way to do this is by investing in high dividend stocks. While there are many factors to consider when choosing a stock, some of the best high dividend stocks are those that have a long history of paying dividends and have consistently growing earnings. In addition, these stocks tend to have strong balance sheets and generate a lot of cash flow. Some of the best high dividend stocks to add to your portfolio include:

The Best High Dividend Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio for Maximum Returns

1 . Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

Johnson & Johnson is one of the best high dividend stocks around. They have a long history of paying and increasing dividends, and their stock price has been on a tear lately. Even though their share price is up, their dividend yield is still a healthy 3.4%. They have a strong balance sheet and generate a lot of cash flow, so there’s no reason to think that they won’t continue to pay and increase their dividends in the future. If you’re looking for a high dividend stock, Johnson & Johnson is a great choice.

2 . Target (NYSE: TGT)

When it comes to high dividend stocks, Target is one of the best. The company has a long history of paying and increasing its dividend and currently yields almost 3%. Target also has a strong track record of profit growth, thanks to its focus on providing a great shopping experience for customers. The stock is down about 20% from its all-time high, making it an attractive buying opportunity. So if you’re looking for the best high dividend stock, Target is definitely worth considering.

3 . Realty Income (NYSE:O)

If you’re looking for the best high dividend stocks, Realty Income (NYSE: O) should definitely be on your radar. It’s a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and operates more than 6,600 commercial properties across the United States. And its portfolio is diversified across several different sectors, including retail, industrial, and office properties.

Thanks to this diversification and a strong focus on top-tier tenant relationships, Realty Income has been able to steadily increase its dividend for 25 consecutive years. That’s an impressive track record, especially considering that many other companies have been forced to slash their dividends during that same time frame. As a result, Realty Income is one of the best high dividend stocks out there. And it’s a great choice for income-seeking investors who are looking for consistent monthly payouts.

4 . Walgreens Boots Alliance (NYSE: WBA)

Many investors are on the lookout for high dividend stocks, and Walgreens Boots Alliance is often mentioned as one of the best. The company is a pharmacy giant, with over 18,000 stores in 11 countries. It also owns a number of well-known brands, including Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Boots. While the company has faced some challenges in recent years, it remains a strong cash cow, generating over $13 billion in annual revenue.

And with a dividend yield of 3.4%, it’s certainly one of the more attractive options out there for income-seeking investors. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, and there’s always the risk that the dividend could be cut or eliminated entirely. But for now, Walgreens Boots Alliance looks like a solid pick for those looking for high dividends.

5 . Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW)

One of the best high dividend stocks you can buy today is Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW). The home improvement retailer has been paying dividends for over 60 years and has increased its dividend payout for 17 consecutive years. Lowe’s currently has a dividend yield of 2.5% and is one of the few companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average that currently offers investors a higher yield than the 10-year Treasury note.

Lowe’s shares have also outperformed the market over the past five years, returning nearly 20% while the S&P 500 index is up around 14%. And with housing starts expected to continue to trend higher in 2019, Lowe’s is well-positioned to continue its winning streak.

6 . Altria Group Inc.(NYSE: MO)

Altria Group Inc. is best known for its Philip Morris USA tobacco subsidiary, which produces some of the best-selling cigarette brands in the country, including Marlboro. But Altria is much more than just a tobacco company. It also owns a large stake in beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev and holds a 35% interest in JUUL Labs, one of the leading e-cigarette companies.

Given its diversified business portfolio, Altria is one of the best high dividend stocks to buy for income investors. The company’s dividend yield of nearly 7% is among the best in the market, and its payout ratio is very sustainable. Altria also has a long history of dividend increases, having raised its dividend for 47 consecutive years. Given its strong dividend track record, income investors can count on Altria to continue delivering market-beating returns.


ONEOK Inc.(NYSE: OKE) is best known for being one of the best high dividend stocks. They are a leading midstream service provider in North America, which means they basically transport, store and process natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs).

They have an extensive pipeline network that consists of approximately 35,000 miles of pipelines, 260 major transportation hubs, and over 1,900 natural gas processing plants. Their business is diversified geographically as well as by type of service, which helps to insulate them from volatility in any one particular area. Their dividend yield is currently 4.4%, and they have increased their dividend for 19 consecutive years. In addition, their payout ratio is a very manageable 60%. Overall, ONEOK is a high-quality company with a long track record of success, which makes it one of the best high dividend stocks around.

8 . Universal Corp.(NYSE: UVV)

Universal Corp.(NYSE: UVV) is best known for its high dividend yield and has been one of the best stocks in that category for many years. The company’s shares have a long history of outperforming the market, and its dividend yield currently stands at an impressive 4.4%. Universal Corp. is a tobacco company with operations in more than 30 countries. The company has a diversified portfolio of products, including cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco. Universal Corp.’s shares are trading at a discount to their historical average, making them an attractive opportunity for income-seeking investors.

9 . Lamar Advertising Co(NYSE: LAMR)

Lamar Advertising Co is one of the best high dividend stocks. The company pays out a quarterly dividend of $0.72 per share, which works out to an annual yield of 4.4%. Lamar has a long history of increasing its dividend payments, and the stock has plenty of upside potential.

In addition to its high dividend yield, Lamar also offers investors a solid track record of earnings growth. The company has reported positive earnings growth in each of the past five years, and analysts expect this trend to continue in the future. With its combination of high dividends and strong earnings growth, Lamar is an attractive stock for income-seeking investors.

10 . Philip Morris International Inc.(NYSE: PM)

Philip Morris International Inc. is one of the best high dividend stocks available on the market today. The company has a strong history of paying dividends, and its current yield is an impressive 5%. Furthermore, Philip Morris International Inc. has a solid track record of dividend growth, having raised its payout by an average of 8% per year over the past decade. Given these factors, Philip Morris International Inc. is an ideal choice for investors looking for high income from their portfolios.


So, there you have it! The best high dividend stocks to add to your portfolio for maximum returns. We hope this article has helped give you a few ideas on where to start looking for great dividend-paying stocks. Remember, always do your own research before investing and consult with a financial advisor if needed. Are there any other high dividend stocks that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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